Hampstead Organic Green Tea Review

If you are looking for a good quality green tea with a taste that won’t disappoint, then Hampstead green tea should be high on your list. Over the years I’ve tried different types of green tea, different brands and quality and I know what’s good and what’s not so good.

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I love organic green tea from Hampstead Tea company as it has a lovely, delicate taste, not bitter at all. Read this review to learn more about the brand and their green tea and then decide whether you want to give them a try.

Organic green tea from Hampstead Tea

About Hampstead Tea

Hampstead Tea is one of the best green tea brands in my opinion as they produce top-quality tea, carefully grown in one of the best tea regions in the world. They are known as the number 1 ethical tea brand in the UK and they sell only certified bio-dynamic and organic teas. They source their tea from India, Darjeeling region and to ensure purity they regularly test for pesticides and various chemicals.

You can buy either tea bags or loose leaf tea from Hampstead Tea company. I recommend loose leaf tea since, from my experience, it has better taste and I believe it’s richer in antioxidants. This is better for your health, of course.

Why I love Hampstead Organic Green Tea

Over the years, I’ve tried so many different types of green tea and quickly I learnt that the taste can vary quite considerably from brand to brand. Some brands produce green tea which is quite bitter, also if you follow instructions and don’t steep it in very hot water. Then there is green tea which has a very subtle taste and it’s very smooth and just pleasure to drink (TeaVivre produce such tea which is of the highest quality).

If you hate green tea which turns bitter then you will love Hampstead Organic Green Tea. Also if I steep it for too long, it will never turn bitter. I love the flavour! It’s smooth and delicate.

I wouldn’t say it’s the highest quality organic green tea but it’s very good and totally acceptable for more than an average green tea drinker.

The tea is organic which means it doesn’t contain harmful pesticides and toxins and in addition to that, no plastic is used for packaging.

Loose-leaf green tea comes in a pouch made of Naturflex biodegradable material which is a big plus, considering the problem with plastic today. The material looks and feels like plastic but it’s actually not. The pouch is packed into a cardboard box which you can easily recycle.

The price for this green tea is really good, very affordable for a quality tea like this and if you buy in bulk you will save yourself some money.

Any negatives?

Although this organic green tea from Hampstead Tea is packaged within hours of being picked, it takes a long time before it goes on sale. That’s because it gets to the UK by sea and then stored in warehouses.

Storing green tea for a long time slightly affects its quality as this will decrease the amount of beneficial antioxidants it contains. Ideally, you should buy the freshest green tea you can afford but this is easier said than done – fresher green tea will be more expensive but also not so easy to find. For this reason, I am still happy to drink green tea from Hampstead Tea.

What I don’t like about this green tea is the way it’s packaged. Although it’s plastic-free, the material used for the pouch is not very strong. The pouch rips very easily and once you open it, it won’t keep your green tea tightly sealed and fresh. The best is to transfer your green tea into a separate container or bag to keep it fresh. It’s not a big deal but it’s one of the downsides I had to mention.

All in all, I am not regretting trying Hampstead Organic Green Tea. It’s the tea I would recommend to anybody looking to improve their health. It has a lovely flavour, contains no pesticides and its price point makes it very affordable.