Brands we love

These are just some of the brands we love and recommend. We have personally tested their products/services ourselves so we know they are good.
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If you want to check your health without a visit to your doctor, then one option is to go for a private blood test in the comfort of your own home from a provider such as Medichecks.

Unbeelievable Health

If you want to keep your immune system strong, supplements from Unbeelievable Health may help. They work wonders for us. Apart from immune support supplements, the brand also offers sleep and anxiety/stress support supplements.


If you love green tea, you must try green tea from TeaVivre, it’s amazing! TeaVivre sell different types of green tea which are all certified organic and sourced from unpolluted areas of China. They deliver worldwide with free delivery if you spend over $30.


Organic CBD oil from Evopure is a full spectrum CBD oil that has been extracted using a CO2 method. This means it’s better quality, more effective and contains more active ingredients. We have put it to the test and it does work!

Bulk Powders

Bulk Powders are a popular sports nutrition and supplements brand founded in 2005. Their products are really affordable but the quality is never compromised despite a good price. We love their vegan protein powder.