Active Lifestyles for Women Over 50: Healthy Meals to Go With Workouts

elderly woman exercising

No one is too young or old for exercise. Having an active lifestyle is necessary, regardless of age. Even when we’re much older, we still need to move these joints! 

There are different kinds of exercises, many of which could fit various preferences, so you’ll find it easier to get a routine that suits you. However, for your workout to be effective (primarily if you work out to stay in shape or be in a specific shape), you must have meals to support your exercise. 

You might say, “Oh, don’t you just have to eat healthy food?” but there’s more to that. Take into consideration your exercises and what you want to achieve.

Here are some meals you can have for your workouts, their significance to our health, and how to prepare them.


There’s more to shakes than just a delicious treat for dessert. Did you know they make a great workout accompaniment? You may have heard of protein shakes or smoothies, mostly from young people who frequent the gym. But who said it was only for young people?

Many protein shakes are essentially from protein powders, a commercial product where people can consume the ample amount of protein they need. Shakes are a popular way of consuming powder.

What makes a protein shake a popular workout food? Protein is one of the most necessary nutrients our body needs. It helps develop our muscles, strengthens them, and helps them recover from physically straining activities. Furthermore, these are easy to prepare. You can portion them how much you like.

But if you’re not fond of powder and want to use more organic ingredients, you can always include them in the shakes or make your shake that is just as healthy. After all, you may add a variety of protein sources to your nutrition that isn’t just any meat products. Experts weigh in on the benefits of nut protein, for instance, as a good source of nutrition.

Despite our age, we can still exercise as much as we can, and protein shakes can ensure our bodies are still ready for regular physical activities.


If you want a more filling food that can aid your regular workout, a sandwich can provide several nutrients with the ingredients you put into it. While it’s the food you would have usually packed for lunch, it’s also an excellent accompaniment for your exercise and workout.

Of course, you couldn’t just put anything in it, could you? An ideal sandwich should have an adequate amount of these three nutrients: carbohydrates, protein, and fat. 

Carbohydrates provide energy, which the bread can cover, although you have to see that the bread is made of good carbs. Proteins help our muscles when we exercise. Lean meat can generally cover it, though plant-based foods like beans or soy could do the trick. 

For fat, any unsaturated fats like avocados or oils like olive (for cooking ingredients for the sandwich will do.

Sandwiches make a convenient meal where you can pack as many nutrients as possible, with almost endless recipes. Preparing may take a lot of time, but it’s worth every minute!

Oatmeal Mix

You might consider oatmeal a breakfast-only meal, but there’s a way you can make it 100% better: add other things to it. If you’ve been active on any social media websites, you may notice many people enjoy oatmeal with many other foods. They’re not just doing it for a trend; it’s a healthy and creative way to enjoy oats.

Oatmeal is rich in fiber, and is known to have reduced risks for heart conditions and even diabetes, something we are much more prone to at our age. Oatmeal also helps you lose weight, so if it’s one of your fitness goals, you better give it a go. It’s also meal prep friendly!

It would be fun to add more food. You can add whatever you like based on your preferences, but you may want to consider the food that can help your workout. Some examples include nuts like almonds and cashews, fruits like bananas and assorted berries, and sweeteners like maple syrup and honey.


Just because you must work out doesn’t mean you can’t grab a yummy snack for yourself occasionally. There are lots of snacks you can eat that are both healthy and tasty. Here are some snacks you can munch on after a good exercise:

Mixed Nuts. Nuts are a great snack you can bring anywhere. They are rich in fats and protein, giving you ample nutrition after your workout. Ideally, it would help to eat an unsalted variety of them.

Fruits. There are many types of fruits and ways to prepare or cook them. You can eat them fresh, blended, cooked, dried, and more. They are rich in several nutrients, particularly vitamins and minerals, and make excellent desserts.

Whole Grain Crackers. If you want something salty and crispy, you may crave crackers. If you want a healthier spin on the snack, you can get the ones with whole grains. Whole grains are good in fiber, which helps weight loss and lowers blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

To Sum it Up

Remember that what you eat is equally important when working out and staying active! There are endless meals anyone can choose, but remember that when selecting your meal, you must consider the type of exercise you do and your body’s tolerance to certain foods.

If you need assistance finding out which meals are perfect for you, consult your doctor or dietician.