Boosting My Joints: A Quick Review of LithoLexal® Advanced

Years after knee injuries disrupted my life, I’ve managed the ongoing discomfort through careful exercise. However, always open to trying new solutions, I was intrigued by LithoLexal’s Joint Health Advanced formula and decided to give it a try. Now, after six weeks of use, I’m ready to share my honest review.

LithoLexal Joint Health Advanced

Understanding LithoLexal Joint Health Advanced

LithoLexal Joint Health Advanced is part of a product range that includes Osteoporotic Bone Health and Elemental Bone Care. Tailored for everyone, this supplement helps maintain healthy cartilage, assists in joint repair, and reduces inflammation for better mobility.

It stands out from typical calcium supplements with its unique marine plant-based formula, proven in a 12-week clinical trial. It also won the Healthy Ageing Award in 2016 for its innovative ingredient.

Key Ingredients in LithoLexal Joint Health Advanced

Here is a breakdown of the key ingredients that you will find in LithoLexal Advanced Joint Health supplement:

  • Vercilexal®: Contains proteoglycans from fish cartilage, crucial for building and maintaining joint cartilage.
  • Vitamin C: Vital for collagen production and overall tissue health. It’s especially needed under stress, or if you smoke, drink alcohol, or live in polluted areas as these factors can deplete your levels.
  • Calcium: Essential for strong bones and teeth, muscle function, and blood clotting. For older people, it’s especially important to maintain sufficient calcium levels to prevent bone density loss.
  • Magnesium: Works with calcium to enhance bone health and is involved in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Magnesium deficiency is extremely common in the UK and the US, particularly in elderly people and women during the premenstrual period. Some of the deficiency symptoms include muscle cramps, sugar cravings, fatigue and nervousness. 
  • Vitamin D: Necessary for the proper absorption of calcium and magnesium. Deficiency can lead to bone and muscle pain, and is common in places with limited sunlight (the UK!).
  • Manganese: Important for energy production and bone health, with deficiencies potentially affecting bone structure and overall health.

Full ingredient list: LithoLexal® (fractionated marine extract), ascorbic acid, Vercilexal® (fish cartilage proteoglycans), manganese sulphate, cholecalciferol, bulking agents (microcrystalline cellulose; crosslinked sodium carboxy methyl cellulose), glazing agents (magnesium salts of fatty acids; hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose; glycerol).

LithoLexal Joint tablets

How to Use LithoLexal Joint Health Advanced

Take two tablets daily: one in the morning with breakfast and one in the evening after dinner. Avoid taking them with tea or coffee to ensure proper absorption of the minerals.

It may take some time to see improvements, so continue taking it regularly and without interruption.

My Experience and Honest Review

I started using LithoLexal in hopes of improving my knee condition. In my mid-30s, my knees have creaky joints and damaged cartilage from past injuries, including a bad dance move, and an MRI also showed bone spurs.

Despite years of physiotherapy, which brought some relief, I still experience discomfort during certain activities like sitting with crossed legs, squatting, or sleeping. So I was really keen to see if LithoLexal Joint Health Advanced would make a difference, especially in reducing the creakiness in my knees.

Progress with LithoLexal Joint Health Advanced

After two months of use, I haven’t seen any drastic improvements in my knees, this is expected since changes, especially in knee cartilage, take time. A physiotherapist explained to me that knee cartilage doesn’t repair easily due to limited blood flow, and damage is usually permanent. However, I remain hopeful that ongoing use of LithoLexal might assist in some way with my knee health.

Although it’s very hard to know if there’s been any improvement in my knee cartilage without an MRI scan before and after using LithoLexal. However, I believe that taking the supplement for a longer period might show better results.

What I have noticed, though, is an encouraging sign during a week when I walked extensively every day – my knees managed surprisingly well (didn’t need extra rests). Normally, walking for an hour or two doesn’t bother my knees, but longer walks used to cause discomfort, requiring me to rest, but not lately.

There was a bit of discomfort, but it was minor and didn’t stop me. It’s hard to say whether this improvement is due to LithoLexal or my regular exercise, but there’s a good chance the supplement is helping. I plan to keep taking it to see if there are further improvements.

While I haven’t noticed a reduction in the creakiness or position-related discomfort of my knees, I’m hopeful these might improve if I continue the supplement a bit longer.


Does LithoLexal Have Any Side Effects?

While I haven’t experienced any side effects from LithoLexal, it’s important to be cautious about consuming too much calcium, which can have adverse effects. Always consult your doctor before starting any new supplement to ensure it won’t negatively affect your health.

According to the manufacturer, no side effects have been reported from LithoLexal use in clinical trials, and the supplement is generally well-tolerated. However, individuals allergic to fish should avoid this supplement, and it should not be taken alongside glucosamine, as it could reduce efficacy.

Final thoughts

I believe that LithoLexal Joint Health Advanced supplement is worth trying although it may take some time before you notice any difference. Do give it a go especially if you feel your diet is lacking the nutrients you need to keep your joints healthy and you have old injuries or you are reaching an age when supplementation is recommended for joint health.

I think it’s always good to consult your doctor before taking any supplements like this one, just to make sure it doesn’t interact with any medication you are already taking.

Where to buy

LithoLexal Joint Health Advanced is available to buy directly on LithoLexal website but you can also find it on Amazon, Holland & Barrett and other retailers.