Quorn vs Soya: What is the difference?

Quorn and soya are both popular meat alternatives but some people wonder whether one is better than the other. Does Quorn or soya have more protein? What are the differences? In this article, we compare Quorn vs soya and answer all those burning questions.

Is Quorn made from soya?

Some people who are not familiar with Quorn wonder whether it’s made from soya. The short answer is no, Quorn is not made from soya. Quorn and soya are two totally different sources of protein and Quorn is not the same as soya.

Quorn vs soya – Protein

There are many different forms of Quorn and for the purpose of this article, we will compare Quorn mince vs soya mince.

ProductProtein per 100g
Quorn mince13g
Soya mince14.9g

When comparing protein content in Quorn mince vs protein in soya we have to distinguish between dried soya mince and cooked soya mince.

Dried soya mince has around 50% of protein but once it’s cooked, this changes and 100 g of cooked soya mince will contain around 15g of protein per 100g.

In the case of Quorn mince, the protein content stays the same before and after cooking.

Quorn and soya both contain very similar amounts of protein once cooked. The difference is very small with Quorn mince containing 13g of protein per 100g and soya mince containing 14.9g per 100g.

What is the difference between Quorn and soya mince?

The protein content is very similar in both Quorn and soya, so what’s the difference between these two sources of protein?

Both meat alternatives contain all nine essential amino acids crucial for the human body and both are highly processed foods. Both are low in fat, including saturated fat and contain minimal amounts of sugar.

Quorn and soya mince both also contain various minerals and vitamins such as B vitamins, magnesium and iron but in different amounts.

The main difference between Quorn and soya is the amount of iron they contain. Quorn contains only very small amounts of iron while soya is known to be a rich source of iron.

The other important difference is the flavour. Quorn mince already has a bit of flavour whereas soya mince is pretty bland, however, it soaks up any flavours you add to it very well.

The texture is also different in both protein sources.

Quorn or soya: which is better?

Quorn and soya are different forms of protein but they share many similarities. They both contain all essential amino acids, are low in fat and sugar and contain some fibre.

They can both cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

When it comes to soya it’s important to know that it can interfere with thyroid function and may affect levels of hormones in the body. Most soya is genetically modified which may have a negative impact on health. Eating Quorn doesn’t come with similar concerns.

Soya contains slightly more protein and more iron than Quorn but Quorn is a better option if you are worried about the negative health effects of soya.