Quark vs Skyr: What is the difference?

Quark and Skyr are both made from milk and some people are confused about their differences. Are these two dairy products the same? What are they? Are they a type of cheese or yoghurt? In this article, we will answer all these questions and also look at their nutritional profile to see what the differences are.

Is Skyr the same as Quark?

Skyr is not the same as Quark. These are two different types of dairy products, made in different ways. Skyr is made from pasteurized skimmed milk while Quark is made from heated soured milk. They are both considered to be a type of cheese. Skyr, however, is smoother and not as thick as Quark and has a consistency of strained yoghurt.

Skyr vs Quark – Nutrition

Does Skyr or Quark have a better nutritional profile? Let’s take a look.

There are different varieties of Quark and Skyr and for the purpose of this comparison, we will compare Arla Skyr (Natural) and Tesco Quark.

Here is their nutritional profile compared side by side:

Typical values per 100gArla Skyr NaturalTesco Quark Fat Free Soft Cheese
Calories63 kcal65 kcal
Saturated fat<0.1g0.1g
Protein 10.6g11.6g

Nutritionally, Arla Skyr and Tesco Quark are very similar. They have almost the same number of calories per 100g with Quark having only slightly more than Skyr.

Arla Skyr is virtually fat-free while Tesco Quark contains only minimal amounts of fat (0.3g per 100g, out of which 0.1g is saturated fat).

Their carbohydrates content is very similar too – Skyr contains 4.0g of carbs per 100g while Quark contains 3.8g. Quark has less sugar (not the added sugar, the naturally occurring lactose), containing 3.7g of sugars per 100g while Skyr has 4g.

Quark vs Skyr – Protein content

Skyr is considered to be very high in protein if you compare it to yoghurts such as natural yoghurt. When compared to Quark, Skyr has slightly less protein – 10.6g per 100g vs 11.6g of protein in Quark. The difference is not big though and they are both excellent sources of low-fat protein.

Main differences between Quark and Skyr

Although Quark and Skyr have very similar nutritional profiles, there are still different types of dairy products and here is how they differentiate:

  • Origins – Skyr is of Icelandic origins while Quark traces its origins back to German-speaking and Eastern European countries.
  • Consistency – Skyr has a very smooth thick and creamy consistency that is similar to Greek yoghurt. Quark’s consistency is totally different – it is not creamy, it is thicker and not as smooth.
  • Flavour – Skyr has a pretty mild, slightly sour flavour and a great creamy taste. Quark is more similar to cottage cheese in its flavour and tastes rather bland and not that pleasant on its own.
  • Protein content – Quark is higher in protein than Skyr containing 11.6 g of protein (or more) per 100g vs 10.6g of protein in Skyr.

Quark or Skyr, which is healthier?

Quark and Skyr are both low-fat, high-protein foods and therefore considered pretty healthy. But if you are looking to increase your daily protein intake, then Quark is a winner as it contains more protein per 100 g than Skyr. However, it may be a bit challenging to eat as it’s not as tasty as Skyr.