Reviewing home blood testing service from Medichecks

Medichecks review

Home blood testing service is something worth considering if you cannot get that doctor’s appointment or you have a condition that you would like to monitor without visiting your doctor.

Also, it’s worth trying this service to check your health once in a while to make sure there is nothing worry about.

Once you’ve made that decision to enter the world of home blood testing you may wonder which private health screening company you should choose (there are quite a few).

In our opinion the one that really stands out is Medichecks. That’s because they offer over 1200 blood tests and they are the UK’s first direct-to-consumer blood testing service. This means they have a wealth of experience in this field and many happy customers (just check the reviews on their website). They have perfected their service so that when you buy a home blood test kit from them you can rest assured you will have a good experience.

We’ve used the service from Medichecks many times and by now we know the process of home blood testing very well so if you want to give them a try, read our review below.

How does Medichecks work?


To get your health checked by Medichecks you simply order one of their home blood tests online and it will arrive at your chosen address pretty much the next day (they send all their kits out by first class post).


In most cases, taking your blood at home will be quite straight-forward and easy with a finger-prick blood test. However, if this is something you are struggling with or you’d rather not do yourself, then there is an option to visit one of Medichecks partner clinics where they will do it for you. Medichecks can also send a nurse out to you to do the test for you.

Whatever the option you choose to take blood, you will have all the support you need to get it done correctly. The home blood test kit comes with detailed instructions and there is also a video online you can watch to make sure you do it right. If you have any questions about the test or are not sure of something, there is a customer service number to call.


Your blood sample needs to get to the laboratory as soon as possible, therefore you need to send it off by post on the same day you took blood. Also, keep in mind that you should do the test between Monday and Thursday. This is very important to remember so that the sample is less likely to get spoiled in transit.

Once you’ve sent off your sample, you need to register with Medichecks on their website and let them know when the sample was sent. That’s how they keep a track of it and once it’s been analysed you will be able to see the results on your personal dashboard. The results will be looked at by a doctor who will give you personalised advice.

Medichecks blood test kit - Box

Medichecks Blood Test Kit – Contents

All the blood test kits from Medichecks contain the following:

  • Lancets
  • Plasters
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Moist wipe
  • Collection tube
  • Protective packaging
  • Name label
  • Lab request form
  • Freepost return envelope
  • Detailed instructions
Medichecks blood test kit contents

Depending on the type of test you’ve ordered, the kit may contain several collection tubes, not only one (usually two). Apart from that, the contents are the same.

In the kit you get plenty of lancets so that you can prick multiple fingers, in case one is not enough.

Medichecks blood test instructions

How to successfully take blood at home

When you’ve never pricked your finger at home before, it can be a little bit nerve-wracking. You worry that it will hurt too much or that you will do it wrong. Actually, it’s better not to think about it too much and just do it. Everything will go well if you are well prepared. And don’t worry about the pain, it’s only a quick sting which is over very quickly.

To make sure everything goes well the first time your try, make sure you do the following:

  • Before the test read the instructions several times and make sure you understand everything (do this the day before)
  • Watch the YouTube video
  • Make sure you are well hydrated on the day you take the test (drink plenty of water)
  • Just before you do the test, move your body to get the circulation going
  • When doing the test, don’t squeeze your finger too hard so that you don’t damage the blood cells (if you do, then you will have to do the test again)
  • Once your blood is collected, remember to invert the collection tube 10 times and not to shake it

If you didn’t manage to squeeze out enough blood the first time, don’t panic, just start the process again using another finger.

Medichecks Review

What we like

So far we’ve done many different tests from Medichecks and our experience was always positive, also when we had to provide another sample as the one we sent off was spoiled (likely our fault!).

These are the things we really like about Medichecks:

  • Hundreds of different tests and health checks available (we cannot find another provider that can match this)
  • Quick delivery of a home test kit
  • Clear and detailed instructions
  • Phone support if you are not sure of something
  • Very quick results
  • Full doctor’s comments and recommendations
  • Option to ask the doctor some questions

What we don’t like

In all honesty, there is not much not to like about Medichecks. They do everything right, from the beginning to the end.

Maybe what they could do better is have an option for the courier to pick up your blood sample from home for an extra charge (if you cannot get to the nearest post box for whatever the reason).

Also, we wish their tests would be slightly cheaper but looking at similar providers, their prices are very competitive. For example, Cerascreen’s Vitamin D Blood Test costs £39 and Medichecks charge exactly the same.

Medichecks FAQs

How long do Medichecks result take?

Medichecks results are incredibly fast. You should receive them within three days but you could get them as soon as two working days (this is based on our experience).

Is Medichecks accurate and reliable?

From our experience, Medichecks are both reliable and accurate. Their laboratories operate to the highest clinical and administrative standards and are fully accredited by internal quality control (IQC).

We compared the results we received with the ones from NHS and we can confidently say they were pretty much the same. This makes Medichecks reliable and trust-worthy home blood testing provider.

What happens if my blood sample is unusable or gets spoiled?

If you haven’t followed instructions step by step, your blood sample may be ruined and the laboratory won’t be able to analyse it. Or maybe you have followed all the instructions but still, your blood sample is not good enough. In this case, you will get notified on your personal dashboard when you log in on Medichecks website. They can send out another kit for you free of charge or you have an option to visit one of their partner clinics where a nurse will draw the blood for you.

If you liked the sound of Medichecks check out their website and all their tests here.