Introducing Spatone Natural Liquid Iron Supplement (Review)

Spatone iron supplement

If your body does not have enough iron and you are taking iron supplements to treat your anaemia, you should really consider the Spatone iron supplement which is totally natural and does not come with the side effects caused by other iron supplements. If you haven’t started taking iron supplements yet (but you need to), Spatone Natural Liquid Iron Supplement should be high on your list to consider.

I haven’t personally tried Spatone but it grabbed my attention while browsing Amazon as it has many positive reviews. People love it as it’s gentle on the stomach and doesn’t cause constipation, unlike iron tablets.

Spatone is easy to absorb in the body and is suitable for vegans as well.

There are two versions of Spatone: the Original one and the one with added vitamin C (Spatone Apple).

Here is an overview of this natural iron supplement, together with some commonly asked questions and considerations:

Spatone Ingredients

First of all, let’s look at what ingredients you will find in Spatone. There is not much to it actually. Spatone simply contains 100% natural iron-rich water, that’s it! This water comes from Trefriw Wells Spa in Snowdonia and it’s naturally enriched with iron. There is nothing else added to the water and the supplement is packed into convenient sachets by the source.

The other version of Spatone (Spatone Apple) has some additional ingredients which are as follows:

  • apple concentrate
  • vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • preservative: potassium sorbate

Vitamin C is added to help iron get absorbed better by the body.

How much iron is in Spatone?

Each sachet of Spatone contains 5mg of iron which should be enough to maintain your iron levels (brand says).

However, not all the iron from Spatone gets absorbed into the body which is normal for any kind of supplement or food. The absorption rate is quite high though and stands at 40% (just for comparison, we absorb about 15% of iron from food).

If we compare Spatone’s iron content to the iron content found in iron tablets, there is a big difference – iron tablets contain as much as 65 mg of iron but this is a different type of iron that does not get absorbed into the body as easily as more natural forms of iron.

Spatone benefits

Supplementing with Spatone will give you the following benefits:

  1. No side effects such as stomach upsets and constipation.
  2. Maintain your iron levels naturally without questionable ingredients such as artificial flavours, colours, additives and hydrogenated fats.
  3. Due to its liquid form, Spatone is easy to consume as opposed to taking tablets/capsules.
  4. Raised energy levels following an increase of red blood cells in your body.
  5. Improved function of your immune system once your iron levels normalise.

Who needs to take iron supplements?

Iron deficiency is more common in women than men since women can lose a lot of blood when menstruating. Pregnant women are also at a greater risk of iron deficiency.

You won’t know your body is not getting enough iron until you have your blood analysed but some of the most common symptoms to look for are:

  • Tiredness and low energy levels
  • Breathlessness
  • Heart palpitations
  • Pale skin

If you have some of the symptoms above, your doctor should send you for blood tests which will show whether you are actually deficient in iron and whether you need to supplement.

Does Spatone have any side effects?

Here is what the brand says about Spatone’s side effects:

Because it’s a low dose, highly absorbed form of iron, you shouldn’t experience the side effects commonly associated with iron supplements.

However, although the brand claims there are no side effects, you still need to be aware of the following:

The correct dosage

Not really a side effect, it’s just something you need to be aware of. If you have really low iron levels and your doctor gave you iron on prescription, keep in mind that the amount of iron in Spatone compared to the amount of iron found in iron tablets prescribed by your doctor differs greatly.

You may need to take a double dose of Spatone to start with but you need to check with your doctor first, just to get some advice on what the correct dosage should be.

The best is to get your blood tested regularly when taking Spatone to make sure your iron levels are going up or that they are maintained at the level you want. Consult your doctor frequently to make sure your iron levels are where they should be.

Can you overdose on Spatone?

Just like any other supplement, you can also overdose on Spatone. This is dangerous as too much iron in your body is toxic and can cause liver and brain damage in the long term. Short term effects include stomach pain and vomiting.

How many sachets of Spatone can I take?

It’s recommended to take one sachet of Spatone every day if you are an adult and a child over 2 years old. Pregnant women can take up to 2 sachets a day. Depending on your current iron levels, you may need to take 2 sachets a day to start with and then reduce to one sachet but the best is to speak to your doctor who can give you advice about the correct dosage.

What’s the taste like?

The original Spatone is reported to taste like metal and is best consumed with some fruit juice and but the apple version is much more palatable and can be drunk on its own.

While the taste may not be the best, keep in mind that this is a natural supplement and doesn’t come with the side effects of iron tablets so it’s still worth taking if you need to.

Does Spatone work?

Yes, Spatone does work and helps to increase and maintain your iron levels.

Is Spatone safe in pregnancy?

Yes, Spatone is safe for pregnant women who need to supplement with iron. There’s actually been a study of pregnant women (20+ weeks pregnant) taking Spatone and the conclusion was that “Spatone is effective in maintaining iron stores in non-anaemic patients and is well-tolerated”. However, always check with your doctor before taking any supplements during pregnancy.

How and when to take Spatone?

Spatone should be taken on an empty stomach, ideally in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast. To help iron absorb into your body you should take Spatone with foods or drinks rich in vitamin C such as orange juice. If you are taking Spatone Apple this is not necessary as it already contains vitamin C.

Once you take Spatone you shouldn’t drink tea, coffee or milk afterwards as these drinks affect iron absorption. Wait at least 30-45mins before you consume any food or drink, just so that you get the full benefit of taking this supplement.

Where can I buy Spatone?

Spatone is available to buy from several retailers, supermarkets and online shops. You can buy it in Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett and Amazon, just to mention a few places where you can get it from.