Importance of Knowing First Aid: A Guide to the Basics

giving first aid

Life is precious. So, we make every bit of effort to preserve and save it. However, accidents are inevitable no matter how careful you are. Hence, knowing how to act immediately and carefully when such a situation occurs is important.

This brings forth the importance of knowing first aid. We know first aid is the first treatment given to a victim before an ambulance or medical treatment arrives. But, due to the lack of proper knowledge of first aid, many victims fail to receive help on time and die, succumbing to their injuries.

Hence, this makes it essential for any individual to master first aid or at least know the basics of it. It can help save many lives, which is the need of the hour. 

Why is first aid not common knowledge?

First aid must be common knowledge known to all. But this is not so. There are various reasons behind people not focusing on first aid and refraining from taking first aid courses. 

The lack of time in the busy schedules is one of the main reasons keeping people from learning first aid. Having too much on their plate already, a first aid course is the last thing people want to opt for.

Moreover, the idea of how to begin with first aid training is rare. People need clarification regarding the course duration, timings, and cost. This lack of knowledge keeps them from considering choosing a first aid course.

Besides, the thought of accidents makes people uneasy. Instead of being ready to face it with proper knowledge of first aid, they refrain from the mere thought of it. Hence, it prevents them from learning first aid, which is important in daily life.

Why is knowledge of first aid so important?

Accidents may happen anytime and anywhere. Moreover, it is only sometimes possible to rush to the hospital immediately. The victim needs to be attended to before taking to the hospital. Hence, it is where first aid comes into play. 

There are various reasons why knowledge of first aid is important such as:

• Prevents the situation from worsening

Accidents may cause different types of injuries. Though we can not prevent it entirely, we can stop the situation from worsening. First aid may save the victim from a permanent disability. 

It also reduces the patient’s time to recover after the medical treatment. Hence, providing first aid to the victim before medical help can avoid a serious injury.

• Saves lives

First aid is the key to saving lives in many accidental cases. Some accidents can be so bad that they might result in the victim’s death. However, if the victim is given proper attention in time before the arrival of the doctor, it can prevent the situation from being fatal. Hence, a first aid course can train a person to save many lives with reliable and proper care of the victim with first aid.

• Relieves pain

First aid can provide relief against pain. It provides the patient a sense of security and confidence to recover from the injury. Accidents may lead to numerous physiological changes in the body, which may deteriorate the patient’s health. But, such a situation can be prevented with first aid relieving pain.

• Builds confidence

Proper training in first aid can help build confidence in an individual. Confidence arises from taking care of people and saving lives. It boosts the trained first aider’s willpower to help the victims who need first aid without hesitating. 

• Creates a safe environment

First aid creates a safe and reliable environment around people. They need not panic when mishaps occur in the presence of trained first aiders around them. It reduces the danger of accidents at homes, offices, and public places.

• Improves living standards

Learning first aid is a sign of a high living standard. It makes people aware of how they can face accidents and how to face them before medical attention.


Accidents are inevitable. But its consequences can be prevented from worsening with proper first aid. So, it’s very crucial to know about First Aid. It goes all the way towards saving lives every minute. Hence, training in first aid can make you the person behind attending to victims before the arrival of medical help and preventing an accident from being fatal.