Can you exercise before laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is a very popular treatment today, especially among women who are looking for a more permanent approach to eliminating body hair.

If you are planning your first laser hair removal appointment you will naturally have all kinds of questions and one of them may be: “Can I exercise before laser hair removal?”

In this article, we will share what experts recommend when it comes to exercising before laser hair removal. So, if you love working out, whether in the gym or outdoors, continue reading and learn everything you need to know about exercise before laser hair removal.

A little bit about laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is very effective at removing your hair permanently from your body. However, it’s not as simple as going for one appointment and your hair will magically disappear. You have to attend a series of appointments before permanent changes take place. It could take as many as 8-12 appointments before you get the full result.

Before laser hair removal, practitioners recommend you avoid exposure to the sun and you should also not use sunbeds. If you cannot avoid being in the sun before the appointment you need to use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, ideally more, for better protection.

Some experts don’t recommend the treatment if you were exposed to the sun within 4 weeks prior to the appointment. That’s because laser hair removal is not as effective on tanned skin and works better on people with pale skin.

Can you exercise before laser hair removal?

Before the laser hair removal appointment, you need to be well prepared. Your skin needs to be clean and free of any lotions, oils or creams. You should also shave beforehand.

When it comes to exercise before laser hair removal, there are no restrictions. As long as you have a shower after the exercise and are not exposed to the sun, it’s perfectly fine to exercise before laser hair removal.

Can I go swimming before laser hair removal?

You can swim in an indoor swimming pool before laser hair removal but you should avoid outdoor swimming as this will expose your skin to the sun which is something that should be avoided before the appointment.

Can I go to the gym before laser hair removal?

Yes, it’s totally fine to go to the gym before a laser hair removal appointment as this is the place where you will not be exposed to the sun which is something you need to avoid before the treatment.

If you are going from the gym directly to your laser hair removal appointment, just remember to have a shower after your exercise and avoid applying any moisturisers onto your skin. You should also not forget to shave.

Can I run before laser hair removal?

Running before laser hair removal is not a problem, the problem is exposure to the sun. It’s not recommended to be exposed to the sun within 4 weeks prior to the treatment. So, if you are an avid runner, then you must protect the areas you are planning to treat, either with clothing or with a high SPF sunscreen.