Bluecrest Health Screening: My Honest Review + Discount Code

Have you ever thought you were perfectly healthy, only to find out there was something wrong you didn’t even know about? That’s exactly what happened to me. For a long time, I had stomach problems and a constant post-nasal drip that no doctor could fix, no matter how many times I visited. It felt like I was just being given random treatments to see what might work. It was super frustrating.

Then, I heard about something called health screenings. It sounded like a good idea, especially since I wasn’t getting the answers I needed from my regular doctor visits. That’s when Bluecrest Health Screening came into my life, and I decided to give it a try.

In this article, I’m going to tell you all about my experience with Bluecrest. Whether you have health worries of your own or you’re just curious about what a health screening could reveal, I hope my story helps you see why a health check-up might be worth considering.

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Why Consider Health Screening?

You might be wondering, “Why bother with a health screening if I’m feeling fine?” I had the same question at first. But here’s the thing: not all health issues show clear signs right away. Sometimes, problems are brewing under the surface, and without a check-up, you wouldn’t even know they’re there until they become more serious.

Catching Things Early: Health screenings are like sneak peeks into your body’s secret world. They can catch early signs of something that could turn into a bigger problem later. This way, you can tackle it head-on before it gets worse.

Peace of Mind: Also, there’s something comforting about knowing exactly how your body’s doing. It’s like having a roadmap of your health. If everything’s good, you get peace of mind. And if there’s something to watch out for, you know exactly what to do.

Saving Time and Stress: Think about it. Going back and forth to the doctor without getting answers is draining and stressful. A comprehensive health screening can save you all that by pinpointing what’s wrong right from the start.

Understanding Your Health Better: Lastly, these screenings can teach you a lot about your body and health. You get to learn how different aspects of your lifestyle, like your diet or how much you exercise, are actually affecting you.

So, whether you’re feeling top-notch, have some nagging issues, or just want to be proactive about your health, a screening could be a smart move. It sure opened my eyes to things I never knew were happening inside my body.

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Bluecrest screening setup

My Experience with Bluecrest

My experience with Bluecrest was great from start to finish, from booking the appointment to getting my health checked. Their customer service was excellent throughout.

Booking the Screening

When I decided to go for it, booking my health screening with Bluecrest was a breeze. I picked a day and time that worked for me, which was awesome because they even had slots on Saturdays (and it wasn’t too far from my home).

The person on the phone was super helpful, guiding me through the process and giving me a heads-up not to eat before my tests to get accurate results. They sent all the appointment details through email and a letter, which was really clear and helpful.

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The Day of the Screening

The appointment day was a bit of a surprise. Instead of a clinic or hospital, my health check was in a hotel. At first, it felt odd, but then I realized the setting was more relaxed than a typical medical environment.

The nurse met me in a large room set up for the screening, and even though the decor wasn’t my style (that carpet!), the professionalism of the staff made me forget about my surroundings.

The Health Checks

The screening started with the basics – height, weight, and a few questions about my lifestyle and health. Then, it got more high-tech with a lung function test, an ECG to check my heart rhythm, and even a fitness assessment.

fitness test

Before the fitness test began, the nurse asked me some questions about my health, just to make sure there won’t be any issues when doing the test. She also checked my resting heart rate and oxygen levels.

Then I began my fitness test: stepping up and down on a high stepper for about 3 minutes, which really got my heart going and made me sweat. My heart rate and oxygen levels were measured again straight after the exercise and then after 1 minute of resting.

Blood Work

At some point the nurse measured my blood pressure and then it was time for blood work. Not my favourite part, but she was quick and made it as comfortable as possible.

The Mental and Beyond

At the end of my health check, I filled out a questionnaire to assess my mental health, which made me realize how stress and mental wellbeing really impact our physical health. And yes, they needed urine and stool samples, but thankfully, I could do that at home and send them off in pre-paid envelopes. No awkward moments there!

Getting My Results

Waiting for the results was the hard part, but they arrived sooner than expected. I was told my report would arrive within 21 days (after sending off my urine and fecal samples). I was really happy to receive it earlier, I think it arrived after 2 weeks or even sooner.

Personal Results Report

personal results report

The report from Bluecrest was really clear. It gave me a big picture and details about my tests, showing what’s normal or not with easy-to-spot red flags.

Red Flag

I found one red flag for a stomach bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori. Finding this out was a big deal for me because it explained my stomach problems. This bacteria is pretty common and can cause serious issues like ulcers or cancer if not treated. I’m looking into how to deal with it, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Other Results

Everything else in my report looked good. My blood pressure, cholesterol, kidney and lung health were all great. No worries about diabetes, gout, or being anemic, even though I don’t eat much meat. My overall health was so good, the report even said I’m as fit as an athlete.

fitness assessment report

Extra Health Advice

The report didn’t stop there. It included lots of extra health advice. There was a section on breast cancer awareness, telling me when I should see my doctor and how to check myself. Plus, they added information on how to keep my back healthy and tips for overall musculoskeletal health. There was even an offer for a chat with a physiotherapist, which I didn’t need but thought was a nice touch.

At the end of the report, there were tips on handling stress and living a healthier life. I was amazed by how much useful information was packed into that report. It was all explained in a way that was easy to understand. They even made it simple to share important findings with my GP, just by showing the last few pages that summarized everything.

This thoroughness and clarity impressed me. The report was more than just a list of test results; it was a comprehensive guide to my health.

Consultation With a Doctor

My experience wrapped up with a detailed 15-minute consultation with a doctor, included in my comprehensive package. After Sean from Bluecrest’s customer service team reached out to schedule the best time, the appointment was set up promptly—no waiting required. That same day, the doctor rang me up at 3 pm.

During the call, I had the chance to delve into my report, especially concerning the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria. The doctor advised visiting my GP for treatment. Another point of discussion was my consistently low heart rate, which usually hovers below 60. The doctor reassured me, explaining it’s only worrisome if it drops below 40.

This consultation left me feeling informed and satisfied. In less than 10 minutes, I received all the answers I needed, highlighting the efficiency and expertise of the Bluecrest medical team.

Bluecrest Screening Packages

Choosing the right health package with Bluecrest depends on your health goals and lifestyle. They offer several tailored options:

  • Active Package: Perfect for those 18-79 years old, focusing on heart, liver, kidney health, and more. Includes lung function and ECG tests, ideal for a comprehensive health baseline.
  • Core Package: Builds on the Active package by adding a detailed blood health profile for a closer look at heart and blood health. Great for anyone interested in a deeper understanding of potential blood disorders.
  • Heart and Stroke Complete Package: The most detailed option (which I experienced), covering everything in the Core package plus a private GP consultation and a special artery health test. Recommended for a complete cardiovascular health overview.

Bluecrest also provides cancer risk assessments and checks for energy levels, offering a range of services to fit various health concerns and needs.

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Final Verdict

In wrapping up, my experience with Bluecrest was overwhelmingly positive. The staff, from the nurses to the health advisors, were not only professional and friendly but also incredibly knowledgeable. They answered every question with patience and clarity, making the entire process smooth and reassuring.

The final health report was a highlight for me. It was detailed yet presented in a way that was easy to digest, making it genuinely useful. The language was clear, avoiding medical jargon, which helped me understand my health better.

Bluecrest’s extensive network across the country is a massive plus, ensuring that you’re likely to find a screening location conveniently near you. Their status as the UK’s largest health screening network speaks volumes about their reach and reliability.

If there’s any downside, it could be the unexpected nature of some screening locations, like the hotel room where my appointment took place. While initially surprising, it ultimately didn’t detract from the professionalism or quality of the health check. The unconventional setting might be odd for some, but it’s a minor point compared to the comprehensive service and peace of mind provided.

Overall, Bluecrest delivers on its promise, offering detailed health insights in an accessible and customer-friendly manner. For anyone considering a health MOT, I’d recommend giving Bluecrest a try.