Review of the Best Indian Tea – Assamica Agro

If you are a hopeless tea addict and love to experiment with flavours, then you will love a range of teas from Assamica Agro.

The quality of tea from this brand is outstanding and once you try their organic loose leaf tea you will be impressed by its freshness, aroma and flavour.

On the Assamica Agro’s website, you will not only find the finest Indian black tea, but you will also be able to discover the tea blends that you never knew existed.

In summary, I cannot recommend Assamica Agro highly enough and I can guarantee that if you buy some of their teas, you won’t be disappointed. Here is my review of some of their teas (the brand kindly sent me samples free of charge but I am not receiving any monetary compensation for this post, only if you buy tea after clicking on a link I get some commission):

About Assamica Agro tea

Before I go and review some of the best teas from Assamica Agro, here is a little bit about their tea:

  • All their teas are grown in Assam, India, following organic farming methods.
  • Teas are handpicked and manually processed to ensure the highest quality.
  • Assamica Agro offer a wide range of teas: green tea, black tea, flavoured tea and herbal tea. They are all in a loose-leaf form but you can also buy packs with tea in organic cotton tea bags if you like.

I’ve tried several of their teas and I cannot praise their quality highly enough. It’s rare to find tea with so much flavour, aroma and freshness. Here are some of their teas and my reviews:

Assam Green Adventure

Ingredients: Organic green tea leaves

Assamica Agro Green Tea - Assam Green Adventure

This type of green tea is dark green in colour and the scrunched whole leaves seem to be quite long and not as small as some other types of green tea. This doesn’t mean the quality is bad. The tea is still very fresh which you can smell although the smell is not overly powerful but it’s there.

To make a great tasting green tea out of this loose tea leaves, you need to follow the instructions very closely. You can steep the same leaves 4 times but the first time, make sure it’s no longer than 80 seconds. To be honest, I leave my tea to steep for longer but then the taste is a bit strong and can be a little bit smoky. Also, you need to make sure the steeping temperature is right (around 75-80 degrees), otherwise, your tea could taste a little bit bitter.

If you do everything right, you will get a nice, smooth green tea with no bitterness. There is a bit of aftertaste in my mouth when I drink this tea, a little bit astringency I think but barely noticeable.

Overall, I enjoy drinking this organic green tea from Assam. It does have a good flavour and the quality is there. The leaves are quite uniform with no dust or broken pieces and the colour of the tea is perfect green/yellow.

Black Wellness Tea

Ingredients: Organic Assam Tea, Organic Rose petals, Organic Lemongrass

Assamica Agro Black Wellness Tea - black tea with rose petals and lemongrass

Black Wellness Tea is such a lovely and refreshing tea blend. When I open the packet and smell the tea, I can smell the rose petals straight away, not even so much the tea itself. The scent is gorgeous and fresh.

Due to other ingredients, the caffeine content is not as high as in pure black tea but that doesn’t bother me at all. Sometimes actually I don’t want to have tea with too much caffeine in it.

This blend can be steeped 4 times and the first time you do it, make sure you leave it for at least 4 minutes to get all the flavours out.

Once ready, the tea smells of roses and oh, it tastes so so delicious. I’ve never had anything like that before and it’s simply out of this world. Totally yummy and really enjoyable, perfect for your moment of self-care or when you have guests over. Although this tea also has some lemongrass in it, I struggle to taste it. However, the overall taste is gorgeous and I am quite sure lemongrass plays the role although the dominating taste is definitely coming from rose petals.

Every time you re-steep the tea, you need to leave it to steep for a little bit longer to get more flavour out. The flavours will be a little bit weaker but the colour will still be there and the tea will still be enjoyable to drink.

You can easily skip the sugar or any sweetener when drinking this tea. It’s not bitter at all and the flavours of roses and lemongrass tone down the strength of black tea. Overall, a lovely blend, enjoyable to drink and of great quality, highly recommended.

Rose Green Allure

Ingredients: Organic green tea & Organic Rose petals

green tea with rose petals

Before I tried Rose Green Allure, I’d never had green tea with rose petals but I was willing to try it although I don’t normally like flavoured green tea.

This is actually a really pleasant tea. When drinking it you can smell a faint smell of rose petals and the flavour is slightly sweet, not bitter at all (as long as you follow brewing instructions – steep it for 90 seconds at a temperature around 80 degrees for the first time). It’s a great health drink when you want to drink something slightly different rather than just plain green or black tea.

Adding rose petals to your teas comes with its own benefits. Just like green tea leaves, Rose petals are also a source of antioxidants. Their antioxidant level is equal to or even greater than that of green tea. These antioxidants help to counteract and minimise free radicals which cause ageing and increase our risk of chronic diseases.

Rose tea on its own has been reported to improve menstrual pains in women although more research is needed on this benefit.

Rose tea may also be good for your mental health as it has calming, stress-reducing and anti-depressant effects. It may even help to treat liver disease, arthritis and prevent cancer. But all these benefits need to be studied on humans to be confirmed.

Other teas from Assamica Agro

In this post, I only review my favourite teas from Assamica Agro in detail but let me also mention some other teas you can buy from them which are also of excellent quality:

  • Organic Assam Tea (Chai)
  • Queen of Assam
  • Kanoka Summer Breeze (a lighter version of organic Assam black orthodox tea)
  • English Breakfast

I am personally not a fan of strong Assam teas as I feel they need to be sweetened and weakened with some milk, however, I know many people love them so thought to mention them here.

The final verdict

Teas from Assamica Agro are very special and you will struggle to find this kind of quality elsewhere. The flavours are amazing and freshness is outstanding. I cannot find anything wrong with them and I can assure you that if you buy any of these teas you won’t be disappointed.

You can buy Assamica Agro teas directly from their international website >