Where to buy fitness equipment online

where to buy fitness equipment online

Due to COVID-19, more people than ever are now working out at home and demand for home exercise equipment has increased significantly.

If you are currently looking to buy some home gym equipment you will soon realise that the most popular machines, workout stations and strength equipment are out of stock on many websites, including Amazon (especially Amazon!). So we decided to help you out and share with you some alternative places where you can buy fitness equipment online – these are some of the best websites which are keeping up with an increased demand pretty well:

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I may get a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking on a link. This does not cost you anything.


Good for:

  • Like new fitness equipment
  • Bargains
  • Used exercise bikes and other fitness machines

eBay is a great place to buy used fitness equipment which is in excellent condition. That’s because many people buy equipment with good intentions, thinking they will use it a lot but at the end, they don’t use it as often as they would like to or they just stop using it due to lack of motivation. That’s good for you as you can find some really good deals on there! Get yourself a bargain and check used fitness equipment ob eBay.

Facebook Marketplace

Good for:

  • Used fitness equipment (machines, weights and accessories)
  • Bargains
Facebook marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another place where you get yourself a deal. Prices on here tend to be cheaper than on eBay as people just want to get rid of their stuff and in some cases, they even want to give it away for free.

The downside is that you have to go and collect the items yourself although some sellers offer delivery for a small fee (within a reasonable radius). Alternatively, you could ask a seller to give you an option to pay for a courier but don’t expect a positive answer. Sellers don’t like to have too much hassle and they prefer somebody local to collect the item they want to buy.


Good for:

  • Used and like new fitness equipment
  • Bargains
  • Buyer protection

Shpock is a free app where you can buy used and new items from other people. It’s like Facebook Marketplace, only that when you buy something, you pay for it online and once it arrives by post, the payment is released to the seller. There is also an option to collect the item in person if the seller is local to you.

There is a small fee to pay for the protection of your delivery but apart from that, Shpock is really good and can help you find some really good bargains.


  • A wide range of sports fitness products, including fitness machines and gym equipment
  • The best possible deals online
  • Price promisee

Sweatband is the place to go to buy a wide range of sports and fitness products. They’ve been in business for more than 10 years and are committed to providing the best possible deals online.

On their website, you will find exercise bikes, running machines and shoes, gym equipment, golf equipment and even boxing equipment and much more. Check them out here >


  • Top-quality fitness machines
  • Innovative products
  • Suitable for advanced users
NordicTrack logo

NordicTrack is a well trusted and reliable brand offering top quality fitness machines. Check them out if you are looking to buy a new treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike or a rowing machine. Their mission is to be the world leader in home fitness equipment which is quite a mission. It’s the reason why their products stand out from the competition.

This brand is perfect for advanced users who like to challenge themselves and want to try an innovative product.


If you are serious about weight lifting, IronMaster is the place where you can buy world renowned strength training equipment.

With IronMaster you can build a custom gym at home that will last a lifetime. Ironmaster’s top selling products include:

  • World’s strongest adjustable dumbbells
  • World’s most adjustable weight bench
  • The ultimate adjustable kettlebell system
Ironmaster UK

Choose IronMaster if you want the best home gym equipment that will last a long time. Their products are incredibly reliable and you get 10+ years guarantee with them.


OnBuy.com is an alternative to Amazon but in many ways it’s better than Amazon as you can get yourself some real deals on there.

They deliver to over 150 countries so it’s very likely they are able to deliver to your country.

Other fitness equipment companies also worth checking:

  • Mirafit – a leading fitness and weightlifting equipment company based in the UK.
  • DKN Fitness – premium exercise equipment that will last.
  • ProForm Fitness – the leader of in-home fitness, providing beautifully engineered products that are accessible, affordable, and infused with the latest in fitness technology.