How to Remove Bacteria from Your Toothbrush and Save Your Teeth


Keeping the teeth clean is a given and we use a variety of products to keep our pearly whites in good shape and free from decay. However, do we ever take into account what happens to our brush once we are done cleaning our teeth?

The brush has been through the nooks and corners of our mouth and it is a possibility that the plaque or bacteria has clung on to it. Of course, it is invisible to the naked eye so how do we clean it?

Merely washing it underwater before brushing will not get rid of the bacteria. It requires much more than that. Toothbrush sanitizers which clean the brush are also available in the market but they are expensive.

The best way to clean the toothbrush is by dipping it in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Shake the bristles and the solution will kill the bacteria on the brush. You can even use the toothbrush without rinsing it after this to get a natural whitening of the teeth. Our mouth contains bacteria that are required for a healthy mouth and can be left on the toothbrush.

The toothbrush should be replaced when you see any discolouration or the bristles coming off. It is recommended to change your brush ideally every 4-5 months. You should not share your toothbrush with anybody as we need our own mouth bacteria and not of somebody else.

The best way to store a toothbrush is by keeping it in a holder that has air holes. Keeping it in open can expose it to a whole lot of bacteria which is not good for your teeth.