Getting Fit with 7 Minute Workout App (Review)

7 Minutes Workout app

If you don’t have much time to exercise the 7-minute workout app is one of the best fitness apps you could try. The app contains a variety of seven-minute exercises which are designed for busy people who would like to get in shape quickly. These exercises can be done anywhere.

Seven-minute exercises have become really popular in the last few years but it’s actually the original 7-minute workout which is the most effective and has proven health benefits. 

The seven-minute workout is based on high-intensity training (HIIT) and uses body weight as resistance. The workout combines aerobic and resistance training to create a range of benefits such as fat loss and increased metabolism

For the workout to be the most effective, you need to follow the exact order of exercises, do each exercise for 30 seconds and have 10-second rest in between exercises. That’s where the 7 Minute Workout App comes in – all the timing is done for you, you just have to follow the exercises. Alternatively, you could do the same workout by following YouTube video (above) but I don’t find it very user-friendly, in all honesty.

7 Minute Workout App – Review

There are several different 7-minute workout apps available but the one I use is from Leap Fitness Group (7 Minutes Workout). This app has been voted the best Android App of 2016 so it’s not bad!

Within the app, you can follow the classic 7-minute workout which you can do multiple times if you have time. For beginners, this workout will be more than enough.

When I first started I didn’t actually find it very easy but it did become easier as I got fitter and stronger. So my advice is to start with seven minutes until you get fitter and stronger and then increase the duration of the workout. You could also try other seven-minute exercises within the app which focus on a particular part of the body.

What I really like about the 7 Minutes Workout app is that it comes with detailed instructions so if you are not sure how to perform the exercises correctly you can always refer to these instructions. 

I typically do the classic 7-minute workout followed by seven-minute exercises which focus on abs. I actually find the second set of exercises harder and much more intense than the original 7-minute workout. 

The app also gives you options for Butt workout, Leg workout and you can even do the 30-day challenge which focuses on the whole body. There is an option to choose the intensity for this challenge.

Seven-minute exercises – My results

When I was consistently doing these seven-minute exercises every day, I definitely got stronger. My arms were much more toned and the exercises were also doing wonders on my stomach area which definitely felt leaner with muscles more defined.

Going forward, I will use this app when and as needed, especially after a fitness break and when I don’t have much time to exercise. It really does help you to get back into fitness routine more easily so I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it.

I am not saying that these exercises are all you need to improve your body shape and tone up but they do help a lot. Remember, if you do want to lose some weight at the same time, you do need to look at your diet as well and make some small lifestyle changes. Exercising on its own will never help, you have to look at the whole picture and improve your habits wherever you can.