About us

We are a team of health enthusiasts and we started this website to get healthier and to share our health and fitness discoveries with our worldwide readers.

The Team

My name is Dikran. I’m not overweight or a junk food person, but I know that I can do better health-wise as far as starting an exercise regime and making healthier food choices. So this is my journey. Hopefully, the information on my blog will motivate and inspire you to start living a healthier life too. I found that making some simple changes to my diet, coupled with some gentle exercise, not only made me look and feel better, but also helped me to sleep at night.

My name is Petra and I’m always looking for different ways to be healthier. I like to read science-based health articles to learn the latest about health and nutrition. I am deeply passionate about health and nutrition and aim to provide as many people as possible with a source of useful information on simple ways to improve their health and wellbeing that is easy to understand, accurate, and simple to follow.

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